If you would like to be an affiliate for StartingaSummerDayCamp.com, and collect a 50% commission on every order all you will need is a Clickbank nickname and account.

Clickbank is the online reseller for our manual, and they handle all the tracking and payment of our affiliate commissions. You can sign up for Clickbank and get your Clickbank nickname, by going to www.Clickbank.com.

The total sign-up process takes about a minute. Once you have your Clickbank nickname, you'll create a special affiliate link with your Clickbank name embedded in it that you'll use to send customers to our site. When they buy the product your commissions will be credited accordingly, and Clickbank will mail you a check a few weeks later.

Click the link below to get the HTML code for the link you will place on your site or in emails to promote the product:


Remember, you will need to sign-up for a Clickbank account, so you can create an affiliate link using your own Clickbank nickname.

That's all there is to it. Simply mention the product in your website or emails and provide this link, with your own Clickbank nickname embedded in the link, and you'll start getting commissions checks from ClickBank for the sales you generate.

Need help? e-mail us:

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