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Mike Massie

The author, Mike Massie

Mike Massie is no stranger to running summer and after school sports camps. In fact, for over eight years he has run highly successful and profitable kids sports camps at his martial arts training facilities in central Texas.

With a degree in allied health science and certifications in personal fitness training, Mike believes in the power of exercise and sports activities to combat the growing issue of childhood obesity in America.

"Summer sports and activity-based camps are the perfect answer to this growing problem," Mike exclaims. "Kids spend way too much time sitting in front of the T.V. set, texting their friends on their cell phones, and playing video games, when they could be learning a sport or skill and improving their health at the same time. Where childhood obesity campaigns fail, sports camps succeed; I've seen it with my own eyes."

Mike went on to explain, "That's why I'm releasing this manual, to help coaches and instructors reach more kids who may be at risk later on in life for serious health issues, due to a sedentary lifestyle that could easily be corrected with routine involvement in age-appropriate sports activities."

With a plan to reach 100,000 kids through helping 1,000 coaches, instructors, and trainers with his system for launching and running wildly successful summer sports camps, it's a foregone conclusion that Mike's message will have a major impact on childhood obesity in America.

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